Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lion King the Musical!

Last weekend I went to see The Lion King with my boyfriend and his family at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. And it was truly amazing!

My boyfriend was so excited to see it, the Lion King was his favourite movie as a child, and I was really excited too.
 I love seeing live theatre! There's so much hard work, skill and talent that goes into these shows and they always blow me away. It's so much more exciting than going to see a movie in a theatre, I think because you never really know what's going to happen, and with musicals there's always something magical that takes place. I always feel a bit inspired after watching a musical and The Lion King was no exception! 

We went to the matinee, and I decided on my orange dress from Walmart, a yellow cardigan from the GAP and shoes from Payless. I thought it was quite a Lion King-y outfit haha.

Once we got to the theatre, we grabbed some popcorn, found our seats and waited in anticipation for the show to start!

 The Princess of Wales Theatre is beautiful! We had fantastic seats in the first row of the balcony.


Obviously you're not allowed to take photos during the performance, but it was incredible.
What impressed me the most was the way they made and acted out the animals; it was so clever! My favourites were the giraffes (people with stilts on their feet AND hands), the elephants, gazelles and cheetahs.
At the very beginning of the show there's a part where animals come through the audience and you get to see all of them at once! 

The music was also fantastic! On either side of the stage there was a little alcove which had all the African percussion instruments. It was fun to watch them as well, using all kinds of different instruments and drums. 

There were a lot of kids at this showing and I appreciated how funny and entertaining the show was for them. There were two little girls sitting behind us and they were laughing the whole time. They laughed especially at the hyenas, who were really funny and outrageous; there were definitely some jokes for the parents as well.

Of course I can't forget to mention the acting and singing! I think my favourite character was Rafiki; played by a hilarious woman who had the entire audience in stitches! The children who played young Simba and Nala were also really great. I can't imagine remembering lines and choreography for an entire show at that age! But I guess that's what makes them professionals. 

All in all it was an amazing show that I would definitely recommend if you ever get the chance. It's #1 in the world for a reason!

What shows have you seen? Musical, or not. 
Last year in London's West End I saw a play called 'The Lady Killers.' It's a dark comedy, it's also a movie by the Coen Brothers. It was fantastic! 

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