Friday, January 24, 2014


Welcome to Tea Party on the Ceiling!

Objective: Write about my thoughts, ideas, my days, events, maybe give some helpful tips, hopefully learn some helpful tips from you, and just the general life experience of a twenty-two year old miss. 
Hopefully this blog will encourage me to try new things, appreciate the stuff happening in my life, and maybe even meet some new friends!

Inspiration for the name, Tea Party on the Ceiling, comes from the wonder that is Mary Poppins. 
I'll admit, I haven't yet read the books, but the movie is my all-time favourite, and I've also seen the musical when it came to Toronto. (I haven't seen Saving Mr. Banks yet either, no spoilers!)
There's a great scene in the movie when Bert needs help from Mary and the children, because her uncle Albert is stuck floating in the air, because he can't stop laughing. After some attempts to get him down, they realize it's time for tea and Mary sends everyone, including the tea table, up with him, and they have a tea party on the ceiling. 
I've seen this movie so many times as a child, and still love it if I watch it today. 
There's a lot you can learn from Mary Poppins.

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