Thursday, April 10, 2014

Haul | Cute dresses from Walmart?

Hey guys!

Don't you love when you find something that's cute AND cheap? I know I do.

I was in Walmart a couple weeks ago to buy some new headphones, and I thought I'd just take a peak in the women's clothing section. Last summer I managed to find a couple pieces that I actually really liked and this spring is no different!

First up I found this peach-y floral dress with a cut-out back..

It's very comfortable and I love the back. I'll wear it whilst I go frolicking through the city this spring/summer.

Secondly I got this red-orange dress, which is my favourite of the two..

I think it's "fiery" and makes me want to go dancing haha! I don't like super fitted dresses and this one flares out so nicely. Again it's very comfortable, it's basically a big, slightly fancier tank top. And people will look at you and think, "Oh, look at her. She's so put together and dapper looking in that probably expensive, fiery dress." At least that's what I'm hoping for ;) You could definitely pop a belt on with this as well, it would look great! I also think it pairs wonderfully with the remnants of my Cuba tan.

Shoes are from Payless.

Each of these dresses was only $12. Yes, I said $12, you can't beat it! Walmart has definitely got a few gems if you're willing to look.

I'm thinking of putting together a spring/summer look book-type outfit post, so stay tuned for that!

Just for you my friends. How can you bear it?

**Again, sorry for the poor quality! It was a grey, yucky day and I'm still using my old point and shoot camera..on a timer (I'm such an independent woman). I'm trying to learn to use the boyfriends fancy-shmancy camera he got for Christmas, so hopefully that goes well :) **

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