Friday, April 25, 2014

Haul | Goodwill & Thrift Store

Hey guys!

It's a rainy, windy, grey day so I thought I'd share with you some pretty things I picked up the other day from Goodwill and "The Thrift Store."  I love looking through all the old junk and finding things that I really like. It's the same with garage sales; I can't wait until they start popping up over the warmer months!

Please excuse the laundry hamper in the background haha!

While I was in Goodwill I saw these mugs that match the two I already have, except mine are black. I like when you have somewhat mismatched dishes; I think it gives your set character. 
Matchy-matchy can get boring.

This mug I just thought was pretty, I love daisies!

 When I saw this mug I had a bit of a sentimental moment. I recognized the pattern and remembered my Grammy used to have dishes with this pattern on them! She's since got new ones, but isn't it nice when you see something from your childhood that you'd forgotten about? Even just simple, little things :)

I also picked up this cute little vase/jar and got some pretty spring flowers to fill it.

 I'm not entirely sure what this thing is meant for, it about the size of a coaster, but I thought it was pretty and it was only 99 cents; you can't beat that! I might just keep it on my desk as a decorative little treasure..or maybe I'll find an actual use for it. Do you know what it is? Let me know!

I like buying book second hand as well. Here are a couple that I picked up.

No idea who this author is, but I'm a sucker for cheesy chick-lit, romantic type novels haha. 

I remember seeing the First Wives Club movie and thinking it was really funny, so when I saw the book I had to grab it!

This book caught my eye. I find language really interesting, and often wonder where some sayings come from. This book seemed like a perfect choice!

Well that's all I picked up this time. Do you love thrift shopping as much as I do?

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