Monday, February 24, 2014

Cuba 2014 - Part 1

Hey guys!

So a couple weeks ago I went on a trip to Varadero, Cuba with my boyfriend and some of our friends. It was my first time in Cuba and I was really excited to experience it. We arrived around 10pm on a Friday; two of our friends had already arrived and they brought us drinks while we waited in line to check in (talk about friendship). After check in we all dropped off our bags, had showers and got some more drinks; ready to start our vacation off right!

 We spent the first day at the beach.
The beach was beautiful!

 And the second day at the pool!
So was the pool.
Unfortunately on the second morning I woke up feeling like I was getting a bit of a cold. I think from the climate change, but thankfully relaxing by the pool isn't too strenuous ;)
The next morning I woke up feeling even worse! A mixture of a night of partying, and a suspicious ham and cheese sandwich, shared by the boyfriend and I. Let's call it a poor tummy day and leave it at that. Cuba isn't known for having the best food.. After a nap I eventually felt better and joined my friends on the beach!
Two stray dogs came along to visit with us; they were so cute! 
I've imagined this doggy fairytale, where the two of them met, fell in love and live on the beach happily ever after :)
We also saw a wedding on the beach! Lots of odd spectators but romantic nonetheless. 
Next day we took it easy on the food and drink, and we spent half the day on the beach and half by another pool at the resort, which we dubbed "The Rock Pool," due to the massive rock structure you can walk through!

This was more of a family pool; less rowdy and party hardy than the first.

After our day in the sun we cleaned up and went to dinner. We had reservations at one of the à la carte restaurants on the resort. The food here was better than in the buffets, and we all had a good time. I got the fish while everyone else had chicken. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this night, (bad blogger! But hey, I'm new.) though sometimes you just have to experience life, instead of documenting it, right? I think a friend might have snapped some shots. We all called an early night, we had to be up early the next day..

I'll end part one here, because next up is the most exciting day: the Jeep Safari!

All photo cred. goes to my boyfriend and myself

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