Saturday, February 1, 2014

Haul | American Apparel Warehouse Sale

Hey guys!

I have a HUGE haul to share with you, from an American Apparel Warehouse Sale (bit of a mouth full) location here in Toronto. You can definitely assume that I stocked up on crop tops, bodysuits, high waisted everything and thigh-high socks. As you do. Here's the catch..I actually work there, so I've spent roughly ALL of my pay checks on clothes..not the smartest of ideas. I would definitely recommend going back a couple times if you ever come across one of these magical places, because they restock, and get new items all the time, even towards the end!
What is a Warehouse Sale you might ask? Basically it's a big ol' store and everything is discounted. For example we had Disco pants, normally $92, selling for $52. Pretty sweet deal! All of the clothes at this location are there either because they are old items that didn't sell or have slight defects (most unnoticeable, but some you might need alterations/repairs).

Alright, get ready for lots of pictures at sub-par quality (need to get a new camera). One of my main shopping faults is that I'm impulsive and I never think about whether I have pieces in my closet that will go with what I'm purchasing. So I end up with a lot of clothes that don't really go with anything else I own; I need to work on this since some pieces I got I may only wear once or twice. Anyway, enough rambling, here's what I picked up! 

Some basics 
Some printed/novelty T's - A parrot smoking, drinking a beer, standing on a rainbow..need I say more?  Oh hey Rob Ford.
Some camis, very cozy pullovers and loose crops. 
Winter leggings (so warm!), Easy Jeans and shorts.
Hats, thigh-highs, bodysuits and skirts! - The pink one is perfect for twirling.
LOVE the American Apparel nail polish. American Denim is really pretty; I don't usually go for light colours.

Here's how they look!
The defect on the  medium wash Easy Jeans was that the legs are baggier than usual, I still like them :)
The black dress and floppy hat, I got as a cover up for my trip to Cuba in a week! I'll be sure to blog about it :)!

So that's everything; for now... ;) Which items are your most/least favourite? Some pieces I probably could've done without, but I just couldn't resist!

Warehouse Sale tips:
1) There are NO fitting rooms! So I recommend wearing leggings, tights+skirt, uni-tard if you're brave, or anything that allows you to try things on in public without being naked.
2) Keep going back, (if you like to browse) new and restocked items arrive all the time.
3) Look over the garments you like to make sure there aren't any super noticeable or unrepairable defects (as there are no refunds or exchanges).
4) Keep in mind that it is a warehouse and they aren't going to have all sizes/styles that are carried in the retail locations.
5) Groupons, giftcards and other similar promotions aren't accepted.

Happy shopping :)!

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